Reddit’s Just Rolled into the Shop is a veritable cornucopia of the many wonders and oddities of shop lyfe. You never know what’s gonna roll in. Here’s what caught my eye this week.

Photo: kumquat_may


Course heading, Captain?

Photo: parlapatao


Photo: Hotinabox

(Large pic, 56k warning)

Photo: midcompact

Ticking time bomb


It’s a GMT800 2500 Chevy pickup with a 6.0.

Photo: MrPeterson15


Photo: kyleisthestig

That looks bad. Relay, relay bad.

Photo: eyemwing

Can’t blame this one on the impact gun...

Photo: Kevinmeowertons

Fidget spanner.

Photo: Valkyrier

Old school!

Photo: WombatWithFedora

Stuper Seal!

Eat your heart out, Audi.

Photo: Asstractor

What has it got in its pocketses?

Photo: ReginaldCumerbund

Well, now we know where Bob Ross’s missing tube of burnt sienna went.

Photo: Valkyrier

Somebody please fetch me the drool bucket.

Photo: argonclose

Well whaddaya know, we’ve got just the wrench for that now, don’t we!

Photo: DoYouWantATobler

Obligatory brake post

Photo: L_e_v_i

Obligatory tire post