Reddit’s Just Rolled into the Shop is a veritable cornucopia of the many wonders and oddities of shop lyfe. You never know what’s gonna roll in. Here’s what caught my eye this week.

Photo: collegefurtrader

Conversion perversion, what’s your version?

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Photos: mistryman29, Boneyabba

Ah, life. Some days you’re the stud, some days you’re the wheel.

Photo: AutoVista

Roadkill? More like roadquill.

Photo: BigTaj

Nice going, Sparky.

Photo: nautme


Photo: fish_exe_failed

One way, or another, I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha


Make a wish!

Video: DegeerMD

Told ya these things were handy!

Photo: socialmammal0

Good advice.

Photo: anonymous-protoss

Yeah, that’s normal, I’m afraid.

Photo: Chefdoji

I tap.

Photo: NoMoreMormonLies

Hey, that’s the same color I use for my 10mm stuff!

Photo: chronburgandy922

That’ll barf out.

Photo: Pyrit

That moment when your theft deterrent starts to become mechanic deterrent.

Photo: Bigfosheezy

Spelunking for carbon

Photo: stahlgrau

Cheaper ≠ better...

Photo: Thefuckingboss

Please cease with the grease

Photo: kongzonk

Obligatory brake post

Photo: IWorkWithID10Ts

Obligatory tire post