Reddit’s Just Rolled into the Shop is a veritable cornucopia of the many wonders and oddities of shop lyfe. You never know what’s gonna roll in. Here’s what caught my eye this week.

Photo: GreenPears33

Bespoke wheels? More like de-spoked wheels.

Photo: fastcarscheapwomen

I wonder what that goes to?

Photo: mynamesnotsuperman

Must be a variable unit that’s out of adjustment.

Photo: ithomas510

I’d be pist too.

Photo: BcnMkr

When you gotta pass, you gotta pass.

Photo: subiephilly

Plot twist: it’s mom’s stash.

Photo: Fitnesscrowm

Kitty Twister!

Photo: carssuck1982

“Engines shit themselves when they die. Didn’t they teach you that at fancy lad school?”

What a great place for articulating bearings.

Photo: Exterminate_doc

Tie rod or die rod?

Photo: Ramex77

That filter keeps the 1up mushrooms from falling out.

Photos: Ramex77, Makemusic69

The Towers of Nope

Photo: embeetwelve

When the clutch kicks back

Photo: serumvisions_go_

the axle was seized in the hub, like seriously seized we heat and beat it then tried a 21mm bolt on driver and it would not budge so we just cut straight through it

Photo: Bahahablast

Impressive. I wonder what kind of cutting compound they used to get such clarity?

Photo: rallycarza

Fuel shank?

Photo: L2_tech

Seems legit.

Photo: dahfahq

So that’s why they call it the “service” manual.

Photo: SwissArmyBumpkin


Photos: xekushnr, Barkenschlager

This week has not been kind to automatic friction plates.

Photo: Asmose

2 Fast 2 Fused

Photo: bottlefedb16

Waiters gonna wait.

Photo: filthfactory


Photo: Waas507

Do you even lift, bro?

Photo: drifixit

Obligatory brake post

Photo: Wutermellon

Obligatory tire post