Reddit’s Just Rolled into the Shop is a veritable cornucopia of the many wonders and oddities of shop lyfe. You never know what’s gonna roll in. Here’s what caught my eye this week.

Photo: dermau5

Change oil? Why would I wanna do that?

Photo: ItsKyo

So... about that core...

Photo: robertcope

Cool your heels.

Photo: Naggersplease

I tawt I taw a Nissan.

Photo: toddforester89

Ecotecs: so hot right now.

Photo: VicCreed

Wait, this is a 2009 model? Daaaaaaamn

Photo: Tamber-Krain

Mind the gap.

Photo: Malice-C

8.8? More like .88

Photo: Gnoobl

Did you get your money’s worth out of that belt?

Photo: Barkenschlager

Whoever did this deserves some cyanoacrylate eye drops.

Photo: LiPoBattery

Fog lamps? Nope! Purple haze lamps!

Photo: KaJuNator

Well, there’s your problem.

Photo: baccgirl

Well, quit jacking off and torque those bolts to spec already!

Photo: CEHepp

Manufacturers aren’t the only ones who like to cheat emissions.

Photo: puzzler995

Who needs locking nuts when you’ve got these?

Photo: XSrcing

Talk about dropping the ball (joint).

Photo: i_did_it_for_the_ass

Hydraulic pressure always gets the last laugh.

Photo: baccgirl

Sometimes, customers are just awesome!

Photo: socialmammal0

Obligatory tire post

Photo: PRNDL

Obligatory brake post