Reddit’s Just Rolled into the Shop is a veritable cornucopia of the many wonders and oddities of shop lyfe. You never know what’s gonna roll in. Here’s what caught my eye this week.

Photos: MAGAmagashii

Sometimes pulling over just isn’t an option...

Photo: snakeproof


Photo: snakeproof

Mad tite, yo.

Video: elaxxx

“Power assist”

DIY arc welder!

Photo: Messis_Unpaid_Taxes

Dark Lord of the Shift, right here.

Photos: thehorseatemycar, driftrx

Want some meatballs to go with that spaghetti?

Photos: Cronin1011

I thought that leaves were supposed to fall in the autumn, not from the spring.

Photo: ghunt81

Not-so-great stuff

Photo: Showmewar


Photo: cncmade

You never had me. You never had your car.

Photo: Classified33

“Water you doing?”

Photo: ExpLias


You know what they say: you can catch more flies with tail lights than with vinegar.

Photo: asstapper

Goodness, gracious

Photo: smittyjones

Is this a Dodge? No, this is Patrick!


Maybe the U-frame would last longer if the exhaust was pumped through it?

Photo: reidhardy

Ignorance is bliss?

Photo: braydenv

Won’t somebody please think of the technicians?

Photo: DeadlyAura

Pushrod? More like PUNCHrod.

Photo: wwhijr

That’s a dirty trick.

Photo: dnlt


Photo: Jeff_GXP

Obligatory brake post

Photos: blazefalcon

Obligatory tire post