...that I kept for almost 10 years, before passing it to my little sister.

With this little white car, I learned how to touch-up the scratches with a bottle of spray paint in the original color, that I still remember after all these years: the FIAT Bianco 233! The first attempts of course gave some quite horrible results, like the gray divider line between the new and the old paint, and the new paint yellowing after some weeks... but soon I learned how to spray at the correct distance and how to shade the borders of the new paint, and then I found the right technique to "cook" the paint with my Mom's hairdryer (which I spoiled, so of course I had to buy her a new one), then I learned to polish the paint with the correct rubbing compound and how to smooth the shading without spoiling it. After a couple of years of touching up my innumerable scratches I became a master of the art of the car body painting, and when they saw the results I was requested to touch up also the cars of my friends, upon payment of a lot of pizza and beer... a friend of mine who's a painter, once paid me with two small oil paintings (that I still have on my wall) to fix a bump to his red Lancia Fulvia coupè.