Back story:

In February of '13 we were looking for a car to replace my wife's shitbox Hyundai and happened to mosey into the Chevy dealer. We had bought a couple of new Chevys before and had good luck with them so we looked at a Sonic. After 6hrs, we were the owners of a '13 Sonic LT sedan. So, I was now itching for a new car.

I like small, weird cars. I owned a '10 Mazda5 with a full Mazdaspeed3 suspension setup (springs, swaybars, bushings) and it was getting long in the tooth. The Spark had just came out and I really liked them. I know, weird. I looked for 3mths and finally found a 1LT 5peed with the MyLink. I bought the car and was perfectly happy. It was zippy, handled decent, and moved decently for 84hp. That was until the first day it hit 40 degrees.


I started the car in the beginning of winter and the bottom end would knock and sound like a diesel until it warmed up. After 5 visits, 3 videos of the knock to GM, countless phone calls, and 10 days down, I was told "Yep, sounds horrible but they all do it." I was sent an apology check for $100 at Chevy for service and told "Sorry bout that knock" I lived with it angrily for 4mths in the winter by being pissed everytime I started my new car and had to listen to what sounded like an 80s K car.

Now jump to May. The first day of warm weather I fired up the A/C and wouldn't you know it, nothing but warm air. I call the dealer and was told of the A/C recall and scheduled it in. The day before I took it in, I wash it up only to find that the roof had spots in the paint that were peeling. I get the A/C fixed and was told that the paint isnt a warranty issue, adding to my rage. I get in the car and pull out of the dealer to find a horrid clunk in the front end. I get the service manager and take him for a ride. Hes at a loss. I told him I was done with this and will fix it myself. I took it home to find the passenger sway bar link was sheared off. I fix it and call GM.


After 2wks of bitching, calling, and 2 different dealers, I get and offer. GM stepped in and offered "trade assistance" on my cursed car. I made a deal to trade it in on a '14 Sonic Turbo 6 speed hatchback. GM came up with a few grand and the dealer stepped up and gave me the Sonic for supplier cost plus all the incentives. So basically I walked into a Sonic for my Spark payment. I've bought 5 new GM cars since '05 and I guess GM looked at as they've got their money off me in the past and this might keep me around for my kid's car purchase in a couple years.

Sometimes being persistent works out!

My long fight is over! Kinda long

My long fight is over! Kinda long

My Spark that is now gone

My long fight is over! Kinda long

My long fight is over! Kinda long