Ok, so this technically doesn't have wheels, but work with me here. Living in the city with limited parking will severely hamper the ability to work with cars, so I fly instead.

I have flown helicopters for a while, as well as smaller consumer level quad-copters, but this is my newest horse in the stable. It's a hexacopter(or more technically, a Y6 copter) that I have been building for a while.

For those of you who have never really looked into RC flying before (which I presume is a large majority you), This is a 6 motor, 6 propeller machine with an intelligent flight controller that makes the whole thing possible. This is about 2 feet in diameter, can run for 10-15 minutes per battery, and even carry about 2 kilograms of cargo.


This intelligent flight controller can do much more than just allowing you to fly this thing. Controllable by a computer, this device can autonomously send your device wherever you like with a GPS coordinates, take off and land, and even control a camera or other on board devices.

All that is left before I am up in the air are for more props to come in. And for those who are wondering why I wanted to build one, here is why: Rally Video.


If anybody is interested or has questions, feel free to post in the comments. If enough people are interested, I'll write some articles for your enjoyment.

UPDATE: I started another blog, FlyingMachines, where I am starting a series of articles all about Drones and Multi-Copters.