I had this thing earlier this year about the first Grand Prix race in a rather strange concept, now I do the follow-up.

Anachronistic footage and storytelling, i.e. making up a film from existing footage that is only related to the story but not actually capturing it. Let me tell you how I got involved in this story and idea of the film.


Well, of course by being a Hungarian I got massively interested about the very first Grand Prix winner as I learnt about him being a Hungarian as well, but it wasn't like reading it from some childhood textbook about cars. In fact, I had to pay my first visit to the Hungaroring to find out about the whole thing. Right next to the entrance of the track there's a statue of Ferenc Szisz, but I had no idea who the guy was. There was no extensive literature about him, thus the film. Same with all the guys that followed him in the 20s and 30s. There was a very good reason for this in decades of the past, but history hasn't done much more good since then to summarize the story of these daredevil drivers of a truly legendary era of Grand Prix racing, that is my next project.

So what's up with this sort of storytelling?

When I did the first film, I was inspired by two features: the "Senna" movie and "First Orbit". I find "Senna" a ground breaking piece. Not because of the content, but rather the execution: a documentary that looks like a feature film. Edited and arranged as one, without the usual 'talking heads' stuff. I wanted to do something similar with my idea, but whereas the makers, but whereas the makers of "Senna" had thousands of hours of footage, I only had about a ten-minute black and white, not very exciting reel. Then "First Orbit" stepped in, which recreates Gagarin's orbit with the original radio transmission mixed over footage filmed from aboard the International Space Station.


So why not use existing footage found on YoutTube (as was suggested on the commentary track to "Senna") - as closely related to its content to the story told as possible and make a film?

With the first one it was relatively easy as there was one man in the centre, thus with the help of some narrative texts it made a bit of silent film-ish effect.

Now I'm raising the game with the multiple people involved in the story, so they are actually interacting with each other that I'm scripting - following extensive research -, I'm just not entirely sure how I'm going to do it. At the moment I'm thinking of a sort of comic book-like narrative as I can not use voice actors for this purpose (I wish), but also, I'm making sure that this time I can actually do something with the film, thus I am only using Creative Commons licence material - may it be music, video, image or anything else. I've already collected 14GB of material, but that is still just a fraction of the footage I will probably need for it.

I'd welcome any suggestions.