I love it. It’s so hilariously, ridiculously, frenetically bursting with life. It’s got scoops and spoilers and winglets and wide arches. It looks like once the regular one was finished, Spoon Sports, the Liberty Walk team, and the guy who did the aero on the Pikes Peak Suzuki Escudo went on a massive MDMA bender and designed the automotive equivalent of a CB-0000G/Reborn Gundam. They saw that the Focus RS and Golf R have two exhaust tips, and decided to give it three with the central one being (possibly) some kind of crazy straight-through electrically operated thing that’s as close to cutouts as you can get in a street car. They gave it more wings than could be provided by the world supply of Red Bull. They fitted 245-section tires, then realized the arches weren’t wide enough, so they broke out the grinders and sawzalls and plasma cutters and fiberglass molding equipment and made them fit. They threw enough carbon fiber onto a reasonably attainable street car to make even Christian Von Koenigsegg pleased. They painted it a demonic shade of black, except where they painted it a devilish red. They bolted on enough ground effects that you’d think it would come with a “diffuse deez nuts” sticker from the factory. Hell, if you look at the front fascia, you can see that they literally put vents on vents and then put more vents under that. They made the wing’s winglets have winglets, and then they rolled it out in one of Europe’s most iconic and glamorous cities. The result? The internet has lost it’s collective shit. They showed the LaFerrari Aptera in the flesh for the first time at the same show, and nobody cares! It’s the automotive equivalent of consuming a slurpee in church. Most people will look on in disgust, but there will almost certainly be people, most of them younger, who really badly want one.