So I just read this, and it got me thinking. GM isn't that bad guy here, at least not the whole company. The bad guy is the higher ups, the CEO's, the people in charge, the ones calling the shots. What has happened in the past can't be changed. It's extremely sad, and GM screw up big time, but to yell at them and point the finger will just guilt trip them into trying to make amends. Like having a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He feels guilty, so he'll be a good boy (for the moment).

What upsets me is that GM is playing hardball with the facts, trying to downplay everything to get out mostly unsacathed. They screwed up but they won't admit how bad.

And I feel really uncomfortable about this. How is GM gonna make up this money? I don't know too much about the automotive industry, I'll admit that. But last time GM had a financial issue, Pontiac and Saturn were lost and a lot of people here in Michigan lost their job. There was a sudden influx of not enough jobs, too many people. It sort of seems GM is overly eager to save money by making either a cheaper car part or letting people go.


Feel free to critize me if you want, and I would love to be wrong about all this. I hope GM will man up, take a hit, and just keep everyone who works for them. And that the CEOs will take a paycut because who seriously needs that big of a house? But this is my wishful thinking...