Flog the Miata over the mountain.

iRacing's Road Warrior Series (think drive every car they have on every track they have add up all the points and you have a winner) is racing the MX-5 Cup car at Bathurst this weekend. When I'm on my own I have time to send messages on facebook while I'm on the front or back straight. However, tonight there will be 42 other MX-5's and it'll be like an angry nest of bees buzzing around the track.

It isn't a question of if someone will crash going down the mountain. It is a question of how far forward it will happen and how many cars will wreck as a result. So far my best lap of 2:37.333 is good enough for the 9th fastest qualifying time albeit 1.4 seconds slower than the top 3. 40 minutes of racing will be good for 16 laps of racing. I tried a race last week (in a different series) and wrecked going down the mountain 3 laps in a row. The first time I didn't hit anything. The second time barely bent something. The third time they decided to black flag me. Hopefully this race goes better.