Earlier in the week my Xterra decided it was time to puke out its rear main seal. Having to top up the oil isn’t what bothers me. It’s the burning oil smell that fills the cabin whenever I stop. So, I have two choices.

a) I can dump some stop leak in it, which will do one of three things: Slow/stop the leak so I can limp it through winter, then put my 944 back on the road in the spring, pull the motor on the Xterra and rebuild it. Or, the stop leak will do nothing at all. Or, I’ll end up with a rod knock.

b) I can pull the truck off the road now, rebuild the motor over the winter and buy a cheap winter beater.


I like option a because that will at least motivate me to actually work on the 944 and get it driving again. Option b is also good because I’ve looked at so many fantastic garbage beater cars. Including: a ‘95 Bonneville SSEi Supercharged, a ‘92 Infinti Q45, a ‘91 Lexus SC400, and like six ‘95-’97 Volvo 850 Wagons. All for $1k or less.

But again, this might be the kick in the ass I need to get the 944 driving again.