Two years ago 472CID posted this list of all the naturally aspirated cars available to buy. After just two short years I figured it was a good time to demonstrate the attrition rate of naturally aspirated sports cars. It’s rather short...

1. First is the beloved Mazda Miata. The 1.5 liter and 2.0 liter are both NA. It is worth noting this cars cousin the Fiat Spyder (Spider?) does not provide a NA option.

2/3. The next on the list is the Japanese twins the FRS and BRZ with the 2.0 Boxer engine.

4. Not to be forgotten the 370Z is still soldiering on with a 3.7 liter NA v6.

5/6/7. Lexus has several options one of which is the Lexus RC which provides several NA options chiefly among them however, is the RC F with a 5.0 liter V8 making 467hp. The RC’s brother is the GS F sedan (third car back in this photo) providing the same power plant. Finally the new LC500 has 5.0 liter V8 producing 471hp or a 3.5 liter V6 with 354hp

8. The Porsche 911 has several NA models however, the base 911 is now turbocharged. If you want to enjoy the uninterrupted crescendo of the 6 cylinder you better have six figures. A shame really.

9/10. Next we have Ferrari’s two remaining options from their 4 car lineup. The 812 Superfast and GTC4 Lusso. Both pack power NA V12's. Ferrari however, has choose to offer only turbos on their V8 models.

11. Do not to despair! If you want a Ferrari V8 buy the beautiful Maserarti Gran Turismo. And oldie but a goodie with the cars 4.7 liter V8.

12/13. Lamborghini (as far as I am aware the only NA specific company) offers two wonderful cars with NA engines that make your ears bleed the V10 Huracan and V12 Aventador.

14. If you prefer your V10 supercars a little more German Audi’s beautiful R8 is a worth addition to any garage.

15/16/17/18. Aston Martin provides multiple NA options in the Rapide, Vanquish, DB9, and Vantage ranging from V8 to V12. The DB11 built under the current Mercedes reign is turbocharged likely signaling a change of tide for one of Britian’s finest products.

19/20/21. Dodge seems to be welcoming their new performance image (ignore the soccer mom cars in the photo) the Durango, Charger, and Challenger all pack the 6.4 liter 470hp Hemi.

22. The final days of the beautiful 8.4 liter 640hp V10 Viper is upon us friends. Please bow your head in a moment of silence and rememberance out of respect for this future story we will tell our grandkids about.

23. Not to be forgotten the Grand Cherokee also packs the 6.4 hemi.

24. Ford offers the Mustang with two fun NA options the excellent Vodoo V8 in the GT350 and the great Coyote in the base GT.

25/26. GM still seems faithful for the time being with the NA V8 offering it in both the Corvette and Camaro with the small block 6.2.


To my knowledge that the extent of the NA list (not including a few obscure companies like KTM or Morgan). With Porsche on their way out of the NA class and perhaps the Aston Martin and Maserati soon to follow the future for NA motors in looking grim. Perhaps we will have to look to Lexus (let that sink in) and American muscle cars to enjoy NA in the 2020's. Only time will tell.

Feel free to add more below if I forgot something