Went to Naka-Kon in Kansas City last weekend, an annual anime/gaming convention that my girlfriend wanted to go to.

We did a couples cosplay as Yoko and Kamina from the excellent show Gurren Lagann. It’s been a while since GL was culturally relevant so we were the only ones doing a cosplay of it.

Sadly I’m not that much taller than my girlfriend :/

Turn the cheese up to 11, kiddos.

Tiny car came in handy when every other parking space was occupied.

The downside of such an, er, summer cosplay is that when Kansas does crap like this it’s pretty unbearable.

I found a Bonneville


Some off-road shop was doing an advertising bit. At one point they said “what if my oil pan catches on the car?” to which the response was “Don’t tell the boss”. Classy.

JDM Initial D arcade machine. The physics in this game are hilarious/impossible

There was a formal dance. Doing it right? Girl on the left was in a hand-made hoop dress that was a replica of the one from Beauty and the Beast. Wish I got a picture of it because it was *epic*

Chibi Jojo Plushie? Naturally.

Girlfriend’s love of dancing to J-pop and K-pop came in handy when she kicked everyone’s ass at this dance game.

Typical group picture. S/O to the dude cosplaying Blake from RWBY in the background to the right. He rocked those tight shorts.