I went out with the wife today to this place that sells a lot of open-box stuff. Mostly TVs and electronics, but apparently also purses and jewelry. I always like to look at watches, but I know I hate to wear them, so I don’t usually buy. But I’ll be damned if this Hamilton isn’t going to make a liar out of me.

Sorry for the sideways picture.

Apparently this is a Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic, I believe in 42mm but I haven’t measured. I find it to be comfortable, attractive, and something I can wear every day...I’ve been wearing it since about 11am and have basically forgotten its there, which has never happened to me with a watch before. Also I paid about $100 for it, which is I guess a terrific deal given my limited eBay research.


About my only complaint is that the strap is relatively short, and my notch is third from the end...making the second loop on it basically useless. I think tomorrow I’ll pull off the end of that strap, take the loop off, and toss it in the box.

Maybe this one will make a watch guy out of me yet.