The trip out and back to New Canaan involved 3 major accidents, all in New York. You guys need to learn how to drive people. SUV and small truck, a disabled 18 wheeler, and a 3 car pileup. More traffic than I needed basically running the V12 on fumes until Pompton Lakes when I finally got gas on the way home.

Regardless, as has already been posted, there were a bunch of awesome cars. Saleen S7, 918 Spyder, and a bunch of Camaros. Here's a few things that I thought stood out.

This I6 on a motorcycle

This hoonigan in training

My lovely girlfriend liked this little Fiat

Some K-Roll bait (1920x1080)

Maybe one day I'll be able to convince my other half we need a gull wing some day.

All this class. A pair of SL600 Sports. My 97 on the left, a 99 on the right. Never thought I'd see another at a show, I was really surprised, and quite happy to see it. There were I think 4 R129's this time around. Not bad at all.

Then all of us oppos decided to park in a row like weirdos and take a bunch of pictures.

Oppo pics are 1920px wide, do post a comment over what you drove for everyone else! These came out best, next time, if Aaron stops walking in front of the camera and you guys aren't in such a rush to leave and go nap, we can do more. Maybe we should do Lehigh Valley for it in November because the parking lot is bigger.

No Caffeine and Carburetors for me in October, I'll be down at The Race of Gentlemen!