Was waiting for the 2015 Canyon but have decided to go used full size.

I know pricing isn't fully out yet on the the GM midsizers, but to get 3.6 crew cab 4x4 with leather it will no doubt be $40000+tax

So I'm thinking LTZ/SLT Silverado/Sierra 5.3 crew cab. Most on the Trader are around $32-35000 with ~40k KM for a 2011-2013. Didn't realize until yesterday when I was comparing trucks that the LTZ/SLT have a mostly different interior than the lower trims.
I have a 2007 Mazda6 5-door 3.0 V6 with 120000km that I was going to trade in. I was loosely thinking trade value was around $6-7000 and mentioned that to my dad this morning, I come home and my neighbour says he talked to my dad and said he'll give me 6 cash for it, I check trader and they are going for $9-11k. I paid $13000 a little over 3 years ago, I don't really want to take that big of a hit so I'll have to awkwardly renege on my dad's price and come back with $9000? Still a bit of a deal for him the way I see it.

Pretty excited for a truck, I have a 19ft bayliner at my parent's cottage that basically stays there since I can't tow it and my brother is a dick bag if I ask to borrow his truck (I let him use my boat whenever and he rarely fills it up when done...), so I can finely take my boat wherever I want!