Been driving to New Orleans for a month to see my mom at the hospital. She had a stroke. Doing better, but has a lot of trouble understanding how to take care of herself.

Im a small town suburb person, so cities intrigue me, even though I been to Orleans before, just not from atop a 6 story parking garage. If you want a un-resized picture let me know.

There’s a old car I found at the bottom of this post. I wonder what it is :)

View of the top of the hospital. Neat clouds and window reflections

Skyline at night. Picture kind of crooked, because of the parking garage isnt level.

Falstaff building. Popular landmark in N.O.

Superdome...I mean the Mercedes Benz Superdome :) and Smoothie King center in front.

Old power plant. Hard to imagine this survived so many hurricanes and hurricane Katrina.

Tallest buildings in N.O. at dusk.

The Crescent City Connection

Patriotic :D

The whole skyline from last night.

And saw this old car at the entrance when I walked by. I want to say its a Chevrolet, but my pre WWII car knowledge isnt good.

New Orleans has some cool cars. Saw a bright orange Lamborghini Gallardo pass me up on the highway, new Porsche 911, and a Maserati Quattroporte. Not to mention the streetcars on St. Charles street. Couldn’t take a picture I was driving.