Driven by the utter gorgeousness of this car, I've been hunting the web for Alfettas. Unfortunately, the only cheap one I can find is this expired eBay ad for an early 80s rust-free car. I've emailed the seller to see if it's still for sale, seeing as I don't think bidding went past the reserve. NPoCP if I offer £750?

So, the new plan. Insure the BMW for a couple of months so I can get to work while the Alfa is getting it's front suspension bushes replaced, then sell it on. Replace it with an Alfetta (roughly half the price to insure as the BM), replace the not-very-pretty later fascia with the gorgeous early one, paint it yellow and then install an 8v T-Spark from a 75 for a handy 29bhp increase. Job's a good-un.


Also, I found this little gem in my mum's old Alfetta Haynes manual: 'A few special tools are required for some of the more intricatejobs, and there is an addiction to the use of pop-rivets for fixing many components which are usually expected to be retained with bolts'.