Hankook dynapro AT/M in the stock 265/65r17. A good price... Not a great price. Notice something missing in the second pic? Yeah they broke a stud. “Happens all the time”. Funny you say that because I’ve only ever had one other broken stud in my life and it’s happened here. Also that time you stripped a nut somehow. “We use the impact wrench to get them on and then hand tighten to spec”. It’s something you shouldn’t​ tell a person when their car is eye level in the bay next to the windows into the shop cause they are likely to see if you’re right it not (not).

One more trip to the shop...

Story the 2nd. So one of the guys in the shop knew my dad really well in a professional/mechanic sense and spoke highly of him all the time. He knows me as his son and treats me family great when we come in. I sorta knew this but never really knew why. Today he told me about how he met my dad though a mutual friend, and my dad kept following this guy around as he moved from shop to shop. I guess he lost a store he owned, got divorced and hit the bottle hard. He told me that his friends abandoned him but my dad stuck around, helped him through it and gave him some great advice. Its not like they were friends either, just some mechanic friend of a friend deal. I had no idea. My dad told us jack squat about his life outside the home so hearing stories like this at his funeral was eye opening. Long story short is to always take the initiative to help a person out I suppose. Very eye opening to hear it.