(Evening repost) Last Friday I ventured to the auto show with my girlfriend's old DSLR. It was my first time using one (potato 4 lyfe), so, uh, I hope you like lots of "artistic" close-ups of wheels and asses. Of cars, you dirty bird.

However, I didn't get fifty feet out my front door before I was sidetracked by this shiny CTS-V. That school bus you see reflected in the door gave me my first photography lesson of the day - look both ways before crouching in the street to take a picture of a stranger's car like a weirdo.

The coast being clear, I practiced my first close-up. I had to go to work afterward so I couldn't lay on the ground to get this shot, so I just held the camera at arm's length and fired blindly. It basically worked! And then I realized - wheel pictures are awesome.

I know it's a common complaint that it's almost impossible to take good pictures at auto shows because the lighting is so overblown and everyone gets the same angles. But since I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know enough to not try!

It's been said by others, but if you make it here, be sure to check out the NYPD display on the bottom floor. These old cop cars are AWESOME.

New car time! I've heard such great things about the 6 that I had to stop by and check it out. And it's all true! And even if it wasn't, just the fact that you can get a great-handling mid-size sedan with a fun-lever in today's market should make the people cheer. I was noodling around with the shifter when an older gentleman approached and said "Ah ha! I thought I heard you shifting. Didn't know it came with a stick!" We then discussed the paucity of manual options out there and the possibility of starting some sort of revolution.

Meanwhile, everything was white and ghostly over at Mitsubishi, possibly a reference to the brand's impending death here. Or, more likely, they just don't give a fuck anymore.

Cadillac time! As a child of the '90s I think it's funny (and frankly impressive) how much I've fallen for their new models. I'm even coming around to the Escalade now that it has the taillights from the CTS-V Wagon.

I'd love one of these, thanks.

And of course, the one thing they absolutely MUST fucking build. Words cannot express how much I want this. A boulevard bruising, highway cruising personal luxury vehicle for the 21st century, the perfect merger of Cadillac's legendary past and new design direction. It would probably become my favorite American car.

They also had this awesome display showing the evolution of their logo. I used to think the wreath was a little gaudy, but I like it better than the newest one. It's just a little... big. Bring back the ducks!


That's it for round one, because these image files are huge and my computer is already lagging like crazy. I didn't even get to all the wheel pictures! Again, this is my first attempt at DSLR photography, and even though they're really simple to use I still couldn't figure out how to adjust all the settings, or even what all the settings did. So, any and all criticism is welcome! Stay tuned for round 2 and 3!