Given the lack of real coverage I can find on this thing I'm rather inclined to believe it's bunk. Only one site (policymic? Never heard of it) and a bunch of random twitters saying anything on it. The gist is this:

They want to ban what they consider "Assault Vehicles" - Porshes, Lamborghinis, Vettes, Camaros, and even Chargers. Because apparently these cars are super deadly and only cops should have them. Of course they make no mention of engine size so a V6 Charger is treated the same as an R/T or SRT8. What the hell.

Also in the list are vehicles over 4000 GVW or over 200 hp, spoilers, ground effects, etc etc etc. This all sounds so goddag dumb but I can't believe the amount of screaming I've heard about this. Even my local radio station, half a nation away, is giving this thing press. I can't find any reputable sources on it. Any New Yorkers care to confirm whether or not this is bullshit?

What is this I don't even