We are coming to the end of our season here because winter is quickly approaching this year. One more on the 15th will be our last. The weather today switched from misty rain to sun mixed with overcast sky so few people showed up thinking it was going to be rained out. At least we got some new people this time and there is talk of a winter GTG. A lot of talk turned towards what will next season be like. Some of the crew is interested in a Gumball style or a TSD type rally so there may be some new stuff in store for this group. Here are the die hards who showed despite the weather which started at 56ºf but warmed to near 69ºf. The highlights were a regular showing up with a new to him Ferrari that needs a little TLC but is all there,which runs and sounds great. Then the appearance of an Aston which looks like will be a new regular for the crew. We may have a Pantera to show up some now thats in pretty clean condition. Plus a new to our group arrival who moved from Italy and had an RS4. I almost decided not to go today while I was washing the A3 in the rain but I’m glad I went. This is a smaller C&C type event but the variety has been pretty surprising this year. You’ll recognize the Jaguar R type from some other of my posts. I still can’t get over the massive brakes on it.

This could be one of my last Cars & Coffee for the year unless we luck out on the 15th. Leaves are just starting to change color and its about time for me to be cleaning my winter rims for the snow tires soon. I’ll be sure to post some good winter pictures as the season progresses.