New York City is jaded, and for good reason. We have everything, here. So, how cool can a couple of car-shows in a store-front/garage really be? I wanted to write about it. I wanted to detail it, I truly and genuinely did.

I can't.

Should you ever attend in the future, I just can't bear to be the one to have spoiled it for you.

Full-discolusure: Even under the influence of a blinker fluid and a blue moon or three.

I can tell you that it was supremely cool, even setting the adult beverages aside. The catering was great (if you were in attendance & didn't get any barbecued shrimp, it was because of me.) I haven't seen a kitchen set-up this manly since Tim Taylor and Binford Tools were proud to present one:

One thing I do want to give a bit of detail on is: Ignition

You see, this a was a bitter-sweet event for me. I had entered a written submission for this contest based off of one of my earliest, and most powerful memories of driving. My edit was terrible, but I thought the concept so good that it could overpower that caveat.

What I wrote was a car commercial. What Casey Phillips wrote is a film.

The only thing that I can tell you about this piece of work is:

You're gonna' love it.

If you weren't lucky enough to snag a VIP ticket this year, you should mark the date for next year's event. It's worth it.

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