A perfect day. No wind. Good salt. Jack the bear for an engine. I want to try the salt some day, but not like that. Not in an A or AA class. Perhaps a 1 liter bike motor in a ‘93 Honda Civic. That oughta start things off right.

I discovered mile races about an hour drive from my house, east of Denver. I’m gonna have to go and see what that’s all about. 1 mile accelerate, half mile stopping. Now I’m watching vids and my over 40 brain thinks it’s possible to do this. Any things possible, yes, but I also think I changed out racing (having never taken a chance) for a livable flying career and missed out on something. This isn’t midlife crisis. This is finally being able to afford to do things.


So I started looking for low Cd cars and the range of engine size classes. did you know the 80s to early 90s Trans Am has a .29 Cd? Crazy! I guess that's how Gayle Banks did 280 in one...