With the help of my dad as I’m off at school my Alfa officially found a buyer(actually about a week ago, but I didn’t bother to post). Bringing a car back from death was a great learning experience. With many more hours and dollars it could’ve made a lovely daily but my dad wanted his garage back and 3 cars was just too many at the age of 21, especially with my current situation of home in Oregon, school in Pennsylvania and, as a senior, absolutely no idea where I may end up next year. Between the 4Runner that’s actually on the same side of the country as me, the pristine E36 Compact and the ratty Alfa, the Alfa had to be the one to go.

That car did hook me on Alfas, and as soon as I have the money and space for a third car I will be in search of a GTV6. Nothing this side of exotic can quite match the sound of that Busso V6.