I've taken a lot of flack from angry Jalopnik commenters by trying to change their American lovechild. I was looking at IndyCar from a business perspective by trying to steal marketshare away from Formula 1 when it was down; fear no more of this completely imaginary change in rules, I am here to guide to into building your own race series.

Now is your chance to show the people in power your hopes and dreams of reviving GT1, Group B, Group C, and a multitude of other forgotten race series, or your plan to bring about something new entirely. This will either turn out to be incredibly awesome or incredibly hilarious; let's hope for both.

This will be a multi-round process. Options denoted with "[R2]" will be decided in more depth next round, along with other, new options.

If you think there should be an added selection on any poll or a new poll that you would like to vote on, comment below and I will add it in.

1. Body Style

2. Wheels

While a wheel count may be commonplace of 4 when starting a new motorsport, I don't think we can ignore it completely.

3. Engine(s)

4. Transmission

4. Freedom of Design (Aerodynamics & Engineering)

5. Track Type(s)

If any track gains more than 15% of the vote, the next round will decide if more than one type of track will be run in the series.

6. Type of Race