Warning: Prepare to get some songs stuck in your head!

Along with the Little Tree Air Freshener, and Fuzzy Dice being a big part of car culture, there are many other things synonymous with cars. None perhaps more important though than the signature melody enticing you to buy a car; The Jingle!

A catchy and unique jingle helps a dealership standout. It's also a big part of their signature. Of course it's not uncommon for dealerships to have similar jingles. Especially when it's the same auto group that owns multiple dealerships. Take for example AutoNation who have a (surprise) nationwide chain, and have rewritten Ray Parker Jr's Ghostbusters to help sell cars. Much in the same way that Ray Parker Jr rewrote Huey Lewis and the News' I Want a New Drug to sell ghosts. Ironically enough, this isn't very far off the mark from point of this story.


Some single dealerships may still only have their one and only jingle such as their choice. Such as Toyota of Orange, in Orange, California. Hell, it's so catch that you don't even have to speak english to know whose selling you that car! Take a look:

If you grew up in Southern California, I know for a fact that's now stuck in your head. And if you're over 30, keep on reading for more.

When I was a kid we had Pete Ellis to crawl into our skulls and get these damn jingles stuck in our heads. And being Pete Ellis, you bet he reused them over and over again for ALL of his dealerships.


That brings back memories for me. However, some of you right now are probably a bit taken back the way I was not too long ago. It turns out that this wasn't just Pete Ellis' song the way that Cal Worthington had "GO SEE CAL! GO SEE CAL! GO SEE CAL!" NO! Apparently this jingle got recycled into other dealerships across the nation. I found this out when a coworker overheard this jingle when I played it for him, and immediately got this earworm from another local deanship stuck in his head.

I don't know about you, but I was a bit saddened by all this. Betrayed almost. But hey, I'll get over it.

Tell me though, what are your favorite Jingles from dealerships, and by any chance do any of you have examples of this same formula too?