My local BMW dealership invited me to an event where they give your car a free inspection, show off some new cars (/M 235i!), and allow you to test drive a few (325dT!). It's free since they will most likely find an issue with your car (my wife's car had a leaking oil filter housing that I already knew about) and they assume that you'll want to get it fixed there (I'm not paying $600 labor to install a $6 gasket, thank you very much).

So while I was there I chatted with my old service rep ("old" since I only took my 535i there for warranty service) about our M5s while my son kept himself occupied with a handful of Hot Wheels (randomly he grabbed an E30 M3 and a E92 M3... or maybe he knew to grab BMWs for the BMW dealership trip... he's pretty smart for 3, so I don't always know). After a few minutes I tore myself away from a discussion about coil-overs to take my son on a test drive of the 325dT. When we got back, the service rep came out with a little box, which contained the little i8 diecast car you see above. My son was stoked!

So some dealership folks are actually pretty cool after all.