Oh, and I was wrong, it's not a GA5, it is indeed a GA3, I thought that had to do with the number of doors, but apparently not. The pretty blue JDM number tag tells me it's definitely a GA3. THIS IS VERY IMAGE HEAVY!

So this is after a vacuum, installation of the Integra DC5 Recaro seat, and a wash, but not before a wax. I ran out of light, going to have to do that tomorrow. Not that it really matters, the paintjob is really just shot and needs to be done over. Add it to the list.

No complaints about this being autotragic, folks. I can't drive a manual legally in Japan anyhow.* While it can be fun to shift manually...


OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD is this thing fast. I put it into sport mode (so it shifts at, I think, 6600 RPMs) and sweet baby Jesus, it rears up on its back wheels (I'm guessing that's the AWD in action?) and just takes off. This thing may only be pushing 89.8bhp, but it is WAY faster than my EK. I'm thinking it's a combination of the obvious ECU tuning on this version of the GA and the fact it's so damn light. This thing pulls HARD. I was not expecting it.


*Japanese licenses are either AT or MT. I originally got my license when I was driving company cars—those are all AT. I thought I was only going to be around for a year or two, so I didn't bother worrying about getting the MT license. Now, I have decided to stay forever, and converting the license is a hassle. Plus, I had a limited budget and limited options for purchasing a car, and this was one hell of a lucky opportunity. The price of converting my license would be 70% of the price of this vehicle!


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