Seriously. Getting a good deal to me is equivalent to sex with a very attractive women.

I purchased my car last year with 65k miles for $5,500. Clean title, one owner (distant cousins age 65+ both school principals), all records.


When they told me the price I nearly threw my money at them. I pretty much did, withdrew it from my savings at 9am the next morning. Sold my Focus, sat back and smiled.

The car needed nothing.. It was a gen II LS V8 Sport. Far more reliable and sought after than the prior generation. I remember detailing it shortly after I got it and thinking: I could put this on Craigslist right now and make a good $2,000-$2,500 profit. I almost did in fact, but then I thought I will never get a deal like this again..

But wait it gets better, the LS suffers from coil-on-plug failures as well as bad valve cover gaskets. These problems were so bad that Ford put out a little hush hush warranty on them for 10 years 100,000 miles. I brought it into the Lincoln dealership and it came out with 8 brand new coils, plugs, and valve cover gaskets. Guess how much...$0000.00. Yeah, I just got a $1,000+ job for nothing.


So I'm sitting on this Lincoln because I'll know I will NEVER get a deal like this again. That makes me feel good. I'm getting close to selling, I hope I'll make close to what I got it for, most likely more. This LS showed up in my area.. Pretty much exactly the same options with way more miles for $12,000. They will never get that, but it feels good knowing I didn't get suckered into owning one of these for blue book value.

Next car on the list...

Very very soon.