It SUCKS!! How do some people maintain their patience? It boggles the mind!

I think this is the most impatient I've ever been in my life! Time has been moving so much slower for as I finally get my ST in this week! I've been so bored in fact, I've been looking at other cars that interest me; and you what does? the freaking 2015 Mustang! It looks sexy, those taillights, much want! I try to stop looking at those pictures and videos of it and then I saw NFS last night and it made me mentally rethink the ST, because god dammit Mustangs can be cool sometimes. And this Mustang in particular now has the #2 spot on my most gorgeous looking cars I want; far behind a 3.2 911 Carrera and a '69-70 Mustang Fastback or Mach 1.


I would want this Mustang in this color(And yes, I'd be that guy to take the 4 cylinder):

So I propose a hypothetical scenario. Let's say you were me, an 18 year old, waiting anxiously for your Focus ST. You see the 2015 Mustang and fall in love with the design and are excited to see it on the road. If your new car was already on the lot for you to see and eventually pick up, would you have that back thought that you really wanted to wait for the 2015 Mustang when it comes out, or just move on knowing you've got a great car anyway? Or would you lament the day you bought that ST and wish you could trade in that hot hatch immediately for the new pony? provided that your insurance wouldn't kill you in payments...


Now I'm not actually gonna do that, I don't have the money or power to do so(dreaming) but what if...