Right now iRacing is offering a free 3 month trial. But wait there's more! Right now they're also offering $100 worth of iRacing credits for $75. What does this mean? It means you can get $200 worth of content off for $150 and then get 20% off on top of that. How much is $200 worth of content at 20% off? Let's find out.

Forza 5 came with 10 tracks and has had 2 tracks added. (Real world iterations only)

iRacing comes with 10 tracks as well (yes 5 are ovals only and one is a combination of road/oval)


For $200 of credits you can get 14 additional tracks and 4 additional cars. Or you could be frugal with the cars and likely get 16 tracks and just 2 cars that match your taste in racing.

Or rather than do the 3 months free you can get half off a new 1yr membership ($49.5). If you get $100 in iRacing credits for $75 that's like paying $37.50 for 1 year and then having an extra $50 left over for additional content.

When I say iRacing can be cheap this is how it can be cheap. Get credits and use the credits towards membership or bulk content purchases. $37.50 for 1 year or $66.75 for 2 years is a great deal.

If you sign up use rterps@charter.net as a reference please.