I found a neat custom truck on eBay today. An 84 Dodge D100 with a 440 and Richard Petty Superbird theme.

In the the truck.It’s got the right blue, and I like the white on the grille and wheels to match the 43 on the doors.

I do wish they had bothered to get the correct decals on the fender, but it looks like they went with the brands actually used on the truck which makes sense I guess.

The interior shows some tacky choices p, like the Wal-mart special steering wheel cover, and seats that would more at home in a Fast and Furious Neon than this truck. Some 70s style black vinyl buckets would look much better.

Also the obligatory cheesy JVC radio.

Despite the interior, the build overall seems to be I’d decent quality, and the video in the ad shows the truck riding and sounding the way you’d expect.

Asking price is 12,000 dollars. Here’s a link to the ad, and more pics of those that don’t want to click the link.