Porsche Center Oakville held a cars and coffee meet last weekend, the weather played nice and I’ve finally edited my photos. While many of the cars were Porsches, others still brought their non-Porsche peasant-mobiles out in the sunshine after a long winter. The photos are in the order they were taken, and I adjusted my settings on the camera once or twice so the results varied, but for the most part they turned out alright considering I hadn’t used the camera over the winter at all.

I thought my SD card was close to full so at the beginning I didn’t take too many pictures of the same car, unfortunately this is the only photo of the Viper, but it is an incredible machine.
Needless to say, the turnout was good...
Probably my favourite photo from the event, but is quite heavily edited...
Single turbo 996 (~550 hp)
This image was actually completely black before editing, but I thought I’d include it anyways (thank you lightroom!).
Yeah, I’d probably that look on my face too.
Also another favourite of mine from this event, in terms of photo quality.
(Shoutout to Matt for the ride in pure American luxury!)