Turbo-Diesels, V8 BMWs, V12 Mercedes, Ford Escort mk1, rally Lada and a lot more doing gymkhana at this ex-communist and ex-NATO airbase. Photo and video dump.

Okay, I owe you an explanation regarding the title. On May 1st, I headed out to Taszár airfield in Hungary, which - as the people at FoxtrotAlpha will tell - served as an important military facility during the Cold War and was the base for NATO forces during the Yugoslav Wars in the 90s. So much so that even Bill Clinton paid the site an adverse visit one day.

Nowadays it’s just left to rot with the exception of the annual Labour Day drag race and eventual gymkhana and/or drifting attractions.


Eventhough I get invited to crazy places recently, it’s always sweet to be close to the grassroots action.

Without further ado and explanation, here are some pictures and videos from the event.