I’ve been looking for a small truck. That is kind of a problem because most “small” trucks that are available in the US are roughly the size of a Sherman tank. This wasn’t always the case, there used to be a thing called a mini turck, they were great. They were for people like me that didn’t need to do the things that the manly men in the commercials were doing, building skyscrapers, and rounding up cattle. No, I just need something that can move the occasional couch or camping gear. That’s all. Simple, right? You would think that but it isn’t. For a lot of boring legal reasons, I can’t get a machine like that anymore unless you can see fit to find a way to bring this beautiful example across the border.

It drives me crazy knowing that this truck, which is perfect for what i need is available about 20 miles from here, just across the border. I now need to know how I can acquire one....The want is strong!

It’s even got a back seat, so for those of you who wonder, yes, it will baby.

So, Fiat, please, please bring this one across the border, I know that i can’t be the only one that needs that truck in my life.