Well, I guess I get to use the gif :) My super awesome girlfriend and I talked it out last night, and the replacement this summer for the Beetle Turbo S is going to be a freshly imported VW Golf Country...MAYBE a Ralleye if I can find one stock enough and not beat on. Not sure which yet, so the hunt is beginning. She prefers it to be black, with black wheels (if a Country). The other options were too trucky, too wagony, too weird, or too hard to find parts for (she gently reminded me of the garage full of French and Italian stuff already). So there it is, keep your eyes peeled for me. I am budgeting around $5-6k for the car, $2-3K for taxes and transport. Help me find a good one OPPO! Target import date is August to Boston, probably bring it on a RoRo.