Ever since I was young I have loved to travel. New sights, new sounds, new smells, and new people. I also love driving.

(Image courtesy Petrolicious; also related)

In my short 27 years I have seen almost 200 cities and 12 countries, and every time I go somewhere it inspires me to want to learn something new and try something different.


As far back as I can recall, in the days of my youth while playing with Hotwheels cars, I would imagine myself road tripping across the country in some sweet 6 engine hot rod with a surf board on the roof.

Well it appears as if that will happen (the road trip part, not the 6 engine hot rod, and that makes me sad). After some months reflecting on my life goals and current circumstances, and many many hours of reflecting ideas off my psychologist (my father, not a real psychologist, I'm not crazy I swear. Now where did my pet dragon get off to this time...) I decided that my current location is not the place I want to be.

After further thought, it was uncovered that I have literally no clue where 'somewhere' really is for me. My father made the suggestion of picking 10 places on the map and flying out to each one for a weekend and checking it out. While not a terrible idea, I just used all my vacation time on that trip to Italy so I would have to leave on a Saturday and return on a Sunday. That does not leave much time to get the feel of an area.


So back to my life dream of driving across the country. Like I said before, I am still fairly young. I have no family of my own (other than the dog) and (other than the house) nothing tying me to anyone or anything. I also have a house that has a substantial amount of positive equity in it.

So I made a decision. Over the next few months I will be selling off all my non-essential items (things like TVs, game consoles, spare furniture, cars, motorcycles, etc. etc.), everything I would like to keep will be placed into a POD for long term storage and later transport, and then I will sell my house.

Once the house is sold, I will begin my journey traveling pretty much wherever I so desire, driving my Jeep from place to place. My hope is to make it across all 48 states. I have a few places I have already contemplated as places I would like to live, and plan to spend a good few days in each of those places. I also have a list of landmarks I would like to see and fully intend on stopping at those places as well.

I am fairly excited for this but I also realize the scope and time frame of this project and I am hoping to make this line up to start my journey early spring time 2015 (because I would rather not see the northern states under 50" of snow).

Of Happenings cliff notes: I am selling nearly everything I own to travel across the country in my Jeep and see everything I want to see while hopefully finding a now place to reside.

I hope to meet many of my fellow Opponauts on this journey and will be sure to keep you apprised to the ongoing progress of this journey and where I will be heading to when this journey begins.


Also, I need a cool name for this journey for tagging purposes for those whom may wish to follow along, so suggestions in comments.