I’ve talked about it for awhile but the time has come: I’m selling my car.

I’ve been saving steadily and have gotten enough to justify selling my Lexus. As much as I still love it, there’s no getting past the fact that it’s 19 years old and has 265k miles. I’ve done the timing belt/tensioners/etc, as well as replaced the camshaft position sensor, battery, driver’s side wheel speed sensor, and refilled the A/C refrigerant. It’s never left me stranded. I’m offering it to Oppo first, in the off chance someone here would want it. I’m asking $3000 (and that price is firm, I bought it for $2900 and then put $1800 in it on preventative maintenance and repairs).

Per my Facebook post:

 It’s a 1998 Lexus GS300 with 265,6xx miles. These are super reliable cars that last 300k+ easy. It’s in fantastic shape and has full service records. I’ve replaced the timing belt, camshaft position sensor, battery, and rear driver’s side wheel speed sensor. It has the option navigation and high end sound system. It’s a smooth and comfortable car and I really love it, but it’s time for something different. The dash lights are on because of a bad ABS module. It doesn’t affect how it drives and isn’t necessary (I’ve been driving it like that for a year). I’m asking $3000 for it. It’s never left me stranded or in trouble and it’s been the best first car I could have wanted. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or message me!

Wiring is for my dashcam, so just ignore that.
I’m 5'11" (6' with hair and shoes) and I fit comfortably in the back seats.

Enough of the sales pitch, onto the part everyone likes; finding a new car. My budget is $5k max, with $4-4.5k being more realistic (unless I get far more [or less] graduation money than expected). Some examples of what I like:

In summary, reliable, comfortable and/or sporty, and decently nice and powerful. I’ve also looked at this 2002 ES300 that’s right next to my house:

Carfax guesses 220k miles but it’s only $3650, which is pretty good for an ES300 with Nav and the Mark Levinson audio (2 options required for me to get one).

But all this requires for me to sell my car, so time will tell what happens.