I have been in Chicago this weekend for the Offset King event hosted by JDM Chicago and Fatlace, me and a buddy drove down from Minneapolis to Chicago on Friday night and stayed down town.

After much driving we had arrived in Chicago at about 1AM (we left Minneapolis at 6:30~ ish). Pretty nice view from the apartment in the morning.

The next morning we got up and tooled around down town for a bit and ran up on this parked outside Bentley Gold Coast.

We hung out for awhile longer down town and made our way back to the apartment to get ready for Offset Kings and saw this parked outside our apartment building.

Finally made it out of the apartment building, had a good time ripping the ST around downtown trying to get out in traffic.

Upon arrival at the show we saw just about every Miata in Chicago being driven around or parked nearby. We parked at a Harley dealership a few blocks away and strolled the guest/visitor lots before going inside, quite a few crazy vehicles parked in the guest lots.

After strolling around most of the guest lots we made a beeline for the door since we spotted the RWB behind the fence. Went through the Toyota dealership that was hosting the event and made our way outside.

Inside the dealership there was a gang of Ruckus scooters which were actually really cool, I would totally love to build something like these one day if I run in to some extra cash. But there will be more on these later!

So we finally made it past the vendor booths and went outside, and wow was it crazy.

Everyone was crowded around this thing, I mean look at it.

We strolled the show for awhile, spotting cars we had seen online one place or another left and right.

Then we saw this beauty, seen this ALL over the internet and never thought I'd see it in person, man is it breath taking!

Then we spotted something... Interesting and amazing. We only caught a glimpse of the headlight from a distance, an R34 Skyline. We got up closer and noticed it had an RB26 in it, just like a skyline. But when we got close enough to see past the people and cars around it and get a close view of it we were surprised to say the least... Yes, that's a Stagea with a Skyline front clip and an RB26, oh, and it's RHD.

After finding our jaws and reattaching them we walked some more, found some nice German stuff too.

After jokingly saying I should have brought my Forester since there were none at the show, luck would have it that we saw the lone SG5 FXT parked near the back.

After talking with the owner (and his obnoxious friend who had nothing but bad things to say about everything) we parted ways and continued strolling the rows.

It started to get a little later which was nice because the midday sun was pretty hot, we found some other people that came all the way from MN to go to the show too!

Then we made our way back inside to check out some merchandise. Not before stopping to eyeball some cars of course!

Back inside we checked out the vendor's stuff. Lots of stickers, License plate frames, LB Works keychains (which were awesome), some wheels, and detailing stuff. Me and my buddy bought some JDM Chicago stickers, I got the Camo and Orange one.

We figured we head back outside to get a glimpse of anything we had missed earlier.

Back inside we went to check out the Ruckus crew and see the beginning of the awards.

After seeing about half the awards we decided it was a good time to make an exit and walked in the parking lot for spectators a bit more. Turns out the Ruckus gang all arrived on a trailer, interesting tow vehicle for sure.

Then we ate.

Outside the pizza joint we saw a few modified cars go by and quickly paid the bill. We followed the next car we saw, a WRX, and ended up at this little local meet in a parking ramp near by.

Then we had to buy gas, which is outrageous in Chicago. 93 octane is like 3.60 in Minneapolis, here it was another story.

Finally on the cruise back to downtown we ended up running in to this guy.

And now that I've shared my last two days, I'm off to down town Chiraq to make some more memories!