In the ultimate example of "this will sit on the lot until Pestilence blows his horn", it was purple, but that doesn't matter. Holy fuck does Honda know how to make a shifter. I want one more than I've wanted any car in a while, including more Oppo-approved cars like the Fiesta ST. It's that perfect combination of perfectly taut chassis, engine that loves abuse, shifter that's a joy to operate and just slightly less power than you'd want in a car. It is so much unbelievable awesome fun that I wonder why anybody would ever consider anything else.

I've long had an affection towards underpowered cars with good, simple mechanics and a solid chassis, hence my 10 year relationship with a 2004 Scion xB, but I can honestly say the current Fit is the best such car I've ever driven. It's the first car I've driven that has made me not feel guilty about leaving my beloved square car.

I love a slight bit of "you're really pushing it, I wasn't built for this but OK I'll do it anyway" in a car. That whole exceeding the limits of engineering thing. The xB had it in spades, being an over-tall Echo and all that, but driving something that paired that willingness to go too far with the ability to do so in a totally effortless fashion made me fall in love in a way that doesn't feel like cheating.


I will always adore how the xB had a seating position that felt like sitting at the dinner table and a shift throw that could be measured in astronomical units, but the way the Fit combines unashamed econobox soul with absolute mechanical precision has won me over. I drove a friend's first generation Fit. It was great. This is better. Anybody who says the new Fit is less fun than the old ones is an idiot and should be the target of your mockery and derision.

It's all just a matter of waiting for the proceeds from the sale of my late grandfather's house to clear Oakland city hall and I will be able to fulfill the stipulation in his will that all inherited funds be put towards buying his grandkids a new car.

I miss you Grandpa Giuseppe, and thanks for the new Honda.