That's me, in a Centurion 4-door Bronco towing a JDM MS51 Crown! I was so excited when the streetview car drove by...

Haven't been around much lately...I'm hoping to catch up soon. I've got a lot to write about...the Aerocabin rebuild is finished. We started it at midnight, loaded it on a trailer, and hit the road for Vegas at 4am...then drove four 3 days...and/or nights...totally worth it. We had a great time at the Supras in Vegas show. I'll post pics from that soon.


We've rented another shop...(this one's pretty cool, and I can't wait to share the story.) We've 'soft-launched' our import business. Like Roadtrip Motorcars on Facebook if you want to follow that story...

I've also driven a lap around the country, and I'm about to do another....(The Aerocabin went to Vegas, then LA. It's waiting to be in the Historic J show in November before it comes back to Kentucky. I swapped it for the Crown, and brought that back to Kentucky to do the 2Jz swap here.


If you're new around here, all of that makes no sense, and you have no idea who I here.