So this rig is actually an allied Canadian issued truck, with an arctic package. It’s a 3/54. The hard top with rectangular window and heater were clues and now I’ve seen the Vin plate. I got a Canuckistani army rig here, eh. The good news is it is a very complete truck, the gauge panel is missing but I found all that stuff to buy. Even has the jerry can mount. Most rust is surface, some on the back right cab/bed isn’t too bad, my friend works on Datsuns so he is intimately familiar with rust holes. I’ve seen a picture of the bed disassembled and it looks like you can break it all down to five pieces, so we can repair and re bolt and seal it after painting. Frame and everything is just surface rust, looks pretty good. Everything is five times stronger than it ought to be. Tires look good enough to get through the project.

Here is a pic of these after someone took the bed apart. They also sell new bed floors but I think we can save it with some patching.