Hey, look guys, another Gawker “we’re right, you’re wrong” post. Oh yay...

Gawker writers must have some serious stamina to constantly be jerking off to their cause. But they have a right to voice their displeasure about Univision deleting posts, but the union post was too much, but at least now we have a clear understanding of who is right and who is wrong.

Now, I haven’t finished reading it, but I really don’t have to. It only takes a few paragraphs to understand that Univision deleted the posts not because they disagreed with them, or didn’t think they were true, but they were under a legal obligation to do so. Univision is a company, not a circle jerk fest like Gawker.com was.


This sums up Univison’s side very clearly, but Gawker refuses to accept it, and it’s just sad.

That seems pretty clear. The posts are considered liabilities, and the company did not purchase liabilities in bankruptcy court, but they acquired assets.


I’m going to finish reading the interview later, but I’m just curious if Lee wore goggles so he wouldn’t get jizz in his eyes...