A little back story: Every few days, I swing by my grandma's house to check up on her. She's cool and since my grandpa passed, I have become the go-to maintenance guy for her. Trim hedges, spray for bugs/weeds, car stuff, etc. Anywho, today she calls to ask if I could change a couple of light bulbs. I'm not doing anything important tonight, so I agree. As I pull up to her house, there's five or six golf carts outside, which means she has some friends from the retirement community she lives in over. I have a good idea of the owners of these carts (some of which are really nice [sorry, no SR20]), and it looks like this is her card playing friends. Bridge, Cribbage, Euchre, Uno, Mexican Train (which is a domino game). Cool, I think as I go inside. Would you like to guess which game they were playing?

Cards Against Humanity.

Yup. This is kinda awkward now.

After exchanging pleasantries, I changed the light bulbs and prepared to leave, when I was asked by my grandma if I would like to stay and play a few rounds. 'I love you grandma,' I'm thinking, 'but this game can get pretty awkward with my friends and I want to be able to show my face around here again.' So I politely decline and go about my business. Even though I didn't play, I still think it's cool they are.


Actually, they probably still are even though it's 11:30pm. Old people never sleep. Seriously, this game will go on 'til midnight and they will all be up and doing errands by 5am.

On a car related note, one of the snowbirds is driving around a Meyers Manx this winter. Yes, old people are cool.

And I will get a picture of it with my potato when it isn't dark out.