Today was the 2014 Moto Technica - Youngtimer und Oldtimer Treffen, Teile- und Zubehörmarkt. The yearly event is held in Ansbach, in northern Bavaria. Last year's event was more lively than today's mostly because of rain. I think the overcast weather and the typical cooling rain pushed many people indoors, and then few people showed up with their cars. There were quite a few people selling odds and ends, old car and motorcycle parts, but without a crowd there to look at what they had for sale it all seemed like a run-down flee market.

There were but a handful of cars there today - many Fiat, incredibly - as opposed to the almost sixty cars there last year, and here are pictures of some of my favorites:

Fiat 124 Special 1400. I loved the pea-green color of this car, and the interior, in light brown, was a beautiful match, all very seventies. The car was near immaculate.

Renault Alpine A310. This car screams "speed", but in French. One of those that looks fast standing still.

Fiat 131 Mirafiori Sport. Very rally, very orange, very cool. The exhaust was superb, its gurgling four banger sound, accompanied by the heavy breathing intake sent shivers down my spine.

Fiat 124 Cabriolet. Also immaculate.

Another Fiat, a tiny Cinquecento, in blue with yellow accents. Maybe the owner was half Italian, half Swedish. I don't know, but it all worked quite well.

After the Fiats there was a large contingent of Sonder Klass Benz...

On another corner there were a Ford Granada, a VW Karmann Ghia, a Rolls Royce Corniche, and a 1960s Cadillac. These were all for rent.

Then there was this amazing GAZ Volga. I couldn't find the year of manufacture, but it could be anything from the 1950s to the 1980s. Who knows? The car was very 1950s America in design.

I really like the Volga's speedometer, with its sunlit green dome. The whole interior was very plush and elegant.

As for motorcycles there were a few Zundapp, MZ, and Moto Guzzi, as far as rare bikes, but there was also this very neat diesel-powered Harley Davidson.

After I took this picture the rain started pouring heavy and we left. Here's to hoping next year's meeting will be better.