I promised you better pictures, so I took a ride around town on the Vespa. It is like being on an island, because I can’t go on the highway. It is a small town. But there are many cool cars here.

It is almost like a Jalop/Oppo dreamland!

Tell me Mr. Tracy would not be drooling over these....

And Dr. Zoidberg has never seen one as clean as this:

There is a ToyotaGuy who wants a closer look at this:

I bet my good pal Ben out in Jersey who does not know that my family is from Philly will agree with me about this:

and about what should be done with this:

You know I love you, Ben, I think we understand each other. Be safe this 4th.

Enjoy Springsteen. ;)

This speaks for itself:

You all can appreciate these:

And question these:

But not one of you enthusiasts can tell me what the ever-living fuck THIS guy was thinking: