Last night I went to Target in my 135is pictured above. As I walked from the store back out to my car, I saw a couple-years-older black 135i parked nearby. It had tinted windows, chrome window trim blacked out (mine came that way stock), matte black painted or plasti-dipped stock rims, spray tinted taillights.

Then I saw its lights blink as it was being unlocked, and I heard from behind me "whoa that's an -is, I have to go talk to that guy about his car." This was of course the owner of the 135i in question, with his gf/wife/mistress. She took their cart back to their car while he very enthusiastically asked me questions about my car.


Now I'm a car guy, I like talking with other car people, and he was genuinely interested in my car so of course I'll oblige. I even revved it out for him so he could hear the M Performance exhaust. The only thing is, I lost count of how many times during the conversation this dude said "THAT'S SICK!"

The stock 135is-specific wheels? Sick. The exhaust? Sick. The LED bulbs I have in the halo rings in the headlights? Sick.

So I can now confirm that in Madison, WI one driver of a slightly bro'd-out 135i likes to call things "sick," as a compliment, a lot.

That is all.